Peter Hoskin

The campaign for an early election gathers pace

The campaign for an early election gathers pace
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So is this one of the thousand cuts?  Or perhaps even the killing blow?  The SNP and Plaid Cymru are tabling a motion calling for the dissolution of Parliament, and it will get debated in the House next Wednesday afternoon.  The Lib Dems have come out in support of it, and William Hague has said that the Tories will too.

Whether it will come to anything directly, I'm not sure.  If it's down to Gordon Brown, then I can't imagine that we'll see an election this year, House debate or no'.  After all, he's always shied away from taking to the campaign trail, and I imagine he's one of the few people in Britain who thinks that he can still rescue his position.

But - even if the vote is defeated - it will still add a little more spice to the bubbling political cauldron that is Westminster.  There'll be something grimly spectacular about most of the House calling on the Government for an election, while they respond with platitudes about "getting on with the job".  And - who knows? - if the ensuing headlines somehow contribute to Brown's downfall as Labour leader, then we may get that election after all...