James Forsyth

The coalition has to ‘reconsider’ another policy

The coalition has to 'reconsider' another policy
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One of the many problems with the equalities act is that it requires a level of consultation and a number of equalities impact assessments that are not compatible with speedy decision making. Word is seeping out tonight that the coalition is now having to ‘reconsider’ its decision on Academy funding because the Treasury, the Department of Education and the Department for Communities and Local Government did not tick all the right boxes before announcing the new settlement.

The reverse is the result of a legal challenge by various local authorities. But this is a pyrrhic victory as the likely result of it is that local authorities actually receive less money than they would have done because a whole set of decisions on Academy funding are now being rethought.

Those local authority leaders who chose to challenge the decision will now have some explaining to do to their colleagues. This subject could also be the basis for the next showdown between Pickles and the councils.