The curious case of Kate Osborne’s Wikipedia

The curious case of Kate Osborne's Wikipedia
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Since her election to Parliament in December 2019, Labour backbencher Kate Osborne has become something of a transparency campaigner. The Jarrow MP has urged the extension of Freedom of Information laws to cover private companies and criticised Conservative opponent Nadine Dorries for sharing 'fake news propaganda' online.

But Osborne seems less keen to divulge information about herself, being one of a handful of new MPs such as Felicity Buchan and Neil Hudson to decline to disclose her date of birth in the most recent Times guide to the House of Commons. Mr S was intrigued to find on browsing the left-wing firebrand's Wikipedia page that a number of edits have been made on the site's history to remove the personal information of Osborne's full name, place of birth and date of birth. 

One user in particular seems somewhat obsessed with the page – a user listed as Helenmiles who has made all of their edits on the Kate Osborne article, with her user page listed below.

Curiously enough, Kate Osborne's own middle name is Helen while her mother's maiden name is Miles. Wikipedia policy is that subjects are not allowed to edit their own articles, so an MP rewriting their own history would be a breach of the site's own user policies. Asked by Mr S whether this was the case, Osborne's office did not respond to multiple requests for comment. 

Let's hope such constant revisions have not become her new Jarrow Crusade. 

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