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The cuts unveiled

The cuts unveiled
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Well, as expected, the IFS have put the lie to Darling's claim that the budgets of non-ringfenced departments would be "pretty much flat".  Here's how Nick Robinson reports it:

"The Institute for Fiscal Studies says that government plans imply £36bn of cuts in departmental spending ie over 19% from 2011-2014 in order to protect schools, hospitals and increase overseas aid. They say the police pledge is meaningless. They also say that defence, higher education, transport and housing are most likely to be hit.


The cost of paying back the debt over the next eight years is equivalent to £2,400 per family in taxes or cuts over that period."

UPDATE: The relevant IFS presentation has now been uploaded on their website – you can read it here.  Page 8 shows an average 6.4 percent spending cut for non-ringfenced departments in both 2011-12 and 2012-13.