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The Euro-sceptics will bide their time before devouring another Tory leader? Great!

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Yesterday I suggested that Europe may well end up destroying David Cameron's ministry and that, consequently, some of this week's maneouvering has been designed to delay that until a putative second term. So, it's interesting to see James reporting that:

The Euro-sceptics are quietly confident. The overwhelming mood among those I have spoken to is that Cameron either has to get the powers back he said he would and show that his measure to prevent any further transfers of sovereignty are effective or there will have to be at some point after 2014 an in or out referendum. 


Well, crikey, that's something to look forward to, right? Or not, as the case may be.

UPDATE: Sunder Katwala, on the other hand, has a different take. He thinks it may have been a pretty bad week for the euro-sceptics.

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