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The Filleting of Chris Matthews

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There's a gauche quality to Chris Matthews, the long-time MSNBC gab-fest host, that could almost be endearing if it weren't for the unfortunate - and transparently obvious - truth that the man is a monumental ass.

Anyone who has ever been tempted to throw a brick at the television when Matthews is yapping away will enjoy this delicious profile by Mark Leibovich in the New York Times Magazine. I doubt it's quite what Matthews expected when he agreed - with great enthusiasm I imagine - to be profiled.

Granted, it's a peice for cable news junkies and Wahsington hacks above all else, but it's a great article. This is just one of many choice moments:

“Hey, you haven’t looked around in here, have you?” he asked, gesturing toward me. He was already up and leading a quickie tour. “Did you know that Holy Cross gave me a chair?” Matthews said. “I was excited. I thought it was going to be something like, the Distinguished Chris Matthews Chair of So and So at Holy Cross.” But no, he said. He received an actual chair from the college, emblazoned with the school logo. The chair is now in the middle of the office. And, for what it’s worth, it’s lovely, made of solid wood. “But I was disappointed, I have to admit,” Matthews said.

Whole thing here. It's so well done that by the end of it you almost feel sorry for Matthews. Almost, but not quite.

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