David Blackburn

The government takes the fight to students

The government takes the fight to students
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The government’s response to the protest over tuition fee hikes has stiffened. Nick Clegg has written to Aaron Porter and David Cameron has penned an op-ed piece in the Standard today. They are united. The NUS should protest; debate is important. But that debate is moribund if the NUS deliberately misrepresent the government and mislead students. Cameron writes:

‘Of course these people have a right to protest. But I also believe they have a responsibility to know the full facts about what they're objecting to — and judging by the fury that's been unleashed, there are a lot of misconceptions flying around.’

It is vital that the Conservatives assist their embattled colleagues; the government must be unified. Unity in coalition is, of course, mutual. Vince Cable will have to honour his personal instincts and vote for the legislation he introduced; Lib Dem ministers will have to follow suit.