Peter Hoskin

The great what-if

The great what-if
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The Tories' recent success has got people looking back to Gordon Brown's failure to call a general election in October last year.  In today's Sun, George Pascoe-Watson calls that decision "one of the worst blunders in political history".  Although it certainly set up a glorious what-if: what if Brown had called (and, most likely, won) an election?  Would Labour have received such a thumping in the local elections?  Would Livingstone still be Mayor?  

True, Brown would have made many of the same errors in the following months - after all, the 10p tax decision was formulated in Budget 2007, and was always going to come into effect last month.  But they might have been cushioned by the buzz surrounding a Labour election victory, and by the damage that could have been dealt to Team Cameron.

What do CoffeeHousers think? I'll leave you to your spectulations below...