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The Greatest

The Greatest
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Wow, that really was something.  Just like last year's Wimbledon final, Roger Federer's 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14 victory over Andy Roddick has to go down as one of the greatest, and most nerve-wracking, contests in tennis history.  A spectacular way for Federer to claim his fifteenth Grand Slam title, breaking Pete Sampras's record in the process.

UPDATE: Ok, so it looks as though I have a bit of explaining to do here.  Most CoffeeHousers comment below that the match was actually a boring slog-a-thon, and paled in comparison with other Wimbledon finals.  First, I stress that the headline - "The Greatest" - is referring to Federer and his record-breaking fifteenth Grand Slam title, rather than the match itself.  And, second, I partially agree with you all: the tennis wasn't of the best quality (certainly no way near the level of last year's final, which does have fair claim to being the greatest Wimbledon final ever), and Federer, in particular, wasn't at his sublime best.  But, for me, that - and the epic final set - added to it as a spectacle.  What we had were two immensely determined performances, where will rather than skill carried both men to the end.  Indeed, it reminded me of Manchester United's 1999 European Cup final victory over Bayern Munich: not the best footballing display you'll ever see, but one which will stick in the annals of the sport - as well as the public mind - for its conclusion, as much as for anything else.  In the end, I guess we may have to agree to disagree.