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The Guardian’s invective

The Guardian's invective
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The Guardian's G2 today informs us that Boris "despises gays, " "despises provincials" and "despises Africans." What is more,  "He despises those of us who hold such judgments to be bigoted and inhuman" according to Zoe Williams. It has quotes from various "Londoners" saying things like "I think he's racist". But my favourite quote is from Vivienne Westwood: "Boris as mayor? Unthinkable. It just exposes democracy as a sham, especially if people don't vote for Ken".

I seriously recommend CoffeeHousers go out and buy the whole thing as a taste of what might come in the next two years.  I find this piece rather out of character for The Guardian. It is usually contemptuous of the right, in an intelligent and provocative way. But to slur people as racist and homophobic is the very basest form of debate. As the Conservatives come closer to power, I fear this tone of attack - lies, personal insults and bilious hysteria - will become much more common.

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Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

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