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The Guardianista mind-set

The Guardianista mind-set
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A moron has written a letter to The Guardian. I realise that this is not ground-breaking news. In the journalistic canon it is very much “dog bites man”, sure. But this brief letter exemplifies the mind-set of these awful, stunted, absolutist people. The letter was from a man called Conor Whitworth, and was in regard to a “Q&A” piece the in the Guardian magazine the previous week about the cyclist Chris Froome, one of those pieces where a sleb has to answer fatuous questions. Here’s Conor’s letter in full:

Morals are important to Chris Froome, he says in his Q&A. Wonder why he lives in Monaco?” – Conor Whitworth, Nottingham.

And that’s it. If you live in Monaco, you cannot have morals. Regular readers here will know that I’m rather leftie on all tax-related business. I don’t approve of tax avoidance and think we should have a higher rate of taxation for the highest earners and inflict rather greater punishment on those who avoid paying their whack. But that’s my view, an opinion. I don’t think that people who disagree with me are immoral, or amoral. I think they have a point – but just believe that they are wrong. But with people like Conor – and The Guardian in general – if you don’t subscribe to their shibboleths, you are scum.