Martin Bright

The Labour Party Must Accept Defeat and Move On

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As I write, the Liberal Democrats and Tories are meeting in the Cabinet Office. The Labour Party should accept this is the end of any hope of a Rainbow Coalition. This election was lost and well lost. The Conservative achievement is substantial. There are now over a hundred extra Tory MPs in parliament and David Cameron has taken his party from being an unelectable basket case to the dominant political force in Westminster. It would be gracious at this stage to admit defeat. 

The unwholesome sight of Labour grandees scrabbling around in search of  deal with the Lib Dems is an affront to democracy. The suggestion that Labour has the best interests of the nation at heart, when it has been so comprehensively rejected by the electorate is the party at its authoritarian worst. 

The Liberal Democrats have a moral obligation to do everything they can to form an alliance with the Conservative Party. The Labour Party has a similar obligation to slip gracefully into opposition.