Etan Smallman

The lady is for tubing

The lady is for tubing
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So Hazel Blears has decided to fill the bank holiday news void - and ruin Gordon Brown's weekend - by attacking politicians' use of YouTube.

Fraser and Martin have highlighted the sticky political consequences of her Observer piece, but there's a more straightforward problem. A quick search of YouTube will reveal Hazel as a massive hypocrite. She has her own account and the website is littered with this prolific YouTuber giving Brown a run for his money in the new media stakes.

Here she is evangelising about her online prowess:

"The internet is reshaping the way we do politics ... My department is trying to be a pioneer. I've got a blog, we put videos of important events and meetings on YouTube and there are 2250 people following us on Twitter."

In this video, Blears is seen cleaning the shelves at her local Tesco:

And take a look at this one. She's even got the same rictus grin and disturbing swaying that Brown made his own in that expenses vid:

And finally - if you can take it - this corker has both Blears and Brown gurning to camera: