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The Latest Insidious Threat to the American Republic

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Beautiful muslim women. Verily. According to the increasingly-ridiculous Daniel Pipes, Rima Fakih's triumph in this year's Miss USA beauty pageant is yet another dismal example of affirmative action. This is what that "affirmative action" looks like:

Terrible, you'll agree. Not that Pipes is alone in complaining about this. Someone called Debbie Schlussel says "Hizbollah is laughing at us" and puts Donald TrumpĀ  - the absurdity whose organisation runs the contest - on the ever-lengthening list of "Dhimmi" fools aiding and abetting the destruction of the United States and the western world. For reals.

As for Pipes and his claim that muslim women are all the rage in beauty contests, well that's actually more likely to represent a certain triumph of the west as more muslim women are confident enough to enter these pageants. In one sense then, this represents a form of emancipation or at least cultural assimilation that might be thought useful (in as much as such contests can ever be considered useful).

Nevertheless, one can never be too careful. Miss USA today but soon one of these people is going to become the first Muslim President of the United States of America. Oh, hang on...

Spectator readers are a broad church so you may be able to answer this: has the Sun featured muslim Page Three Girls yet? I assume so, right?

UPDATE: As is often the case in such matters Dan Drezner - now a Spectator contributor I'm pleased to see - has wise things to say on this.

[Hat-tips: Adam Serwer and Dave Weigel.]

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