The Lib Dems’ European candidate confusion

The Lib Dems' European candidate confusion
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In a press release this morning, the Liberal Democrats announced the candidates who will be representing them in the forthcoming European elections on the 23 May.

A second referendum to 'stop Brexit' has been their flagship policy since the country voted to leave the EU, and so a good result in these European elections is of obvious importance to the party, if it wants to go any way towards achieving that goal.

However, it appears that the party's organisation still leaves something to be desired. In Wales, where each party is only allowed four candidates, it seems that the Lib Dems have put forward five – a mistake which they have confirmed was a clerical error.

In the press release, the leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said 'today we’ve announced a strong diverse mix of candidates, from those who’ve joined the Liberal Democrats recently to those with long experience of the European Parliament.'

Mr S wonders whether it was the former or the latter who was put in charge of organising how many MEP’s to select for each electoral region.

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