The Mash Report 2017-2021, greatest hits

The Mash Report 2017-2021, greatest hits
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So, farewell then, The Mash Report. This morning the Sun reports that the newly appointed BBC director general Tim Davie has ordered the axing of the notoriously unfunny BBC Two show after four series. The show’s creators were told at the time of the appointment to find a better balance of targets than ‘digs at the Tories’. Not that this seems to have been taken on board by the show's hosts. 

Sources close to the Beeb’s top man report reportedly thought it disproportionately critical of Brexit — perhaps unsurprising given its main star Nish Kumar declared to the Guardian in 2019 that he had ‘still not got over it’. With the programme canned to ‘make room’ for new shows, at least it will allow Kumar to resume his stand up career after Covid. His most notorious gig to date was the Lord's Taverners Christmas Lunch in 2019 when he was booed off stage and pelted with a bread roll at a charity event after his political jokes backfired. 

So, to mark the occasion Mr S has collated the greatest hits of Nish and his fellow comedienne Rachel Parris below:

1. A four and a half minute long segment mocking Jacob Rees-Mogg and his Catholic faith
2. Really sticking it to the government and the press over social attitudes 

3. This whacky radical guide on 'How to be a professional wanker' that really sticks it to Piers Morgan 

4. Comparing Brexit to soiling yourself

And here is how Kumar has chosen to respond to his critics:  

Given Kumar's stint in the US saw disappointing results, Mr S looks forward to seeing what Kumar does next...

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