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The Most Preposterous Thing I’ve Read All Week...

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And amazingly, it has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. No, it's Rangers' Christian Dailly who, having seen the referee keep the Ibrox club's SPL title ambitions alive yesterday had the effrontery, the gall, the unmitigated audacity to claim:

that since arriving at Ibrox in January he has formed the impression that Rangers are more often on the wrong end of decisions. "There have been lots of decisions not given that should have been given in our favour," he said. "It looks like a couple went our way today, but that is not the norm."

Words fail me. American readers may consider that this is akin to Michael Jordan complaining that the refereeing authorities never gave him the benefit of the doubt.

UPDATE: Audio of Dundee United manager Craig Levein's splendid rant complaining about the refereeing is here.

UPDATE 2: A reader writes, "I fear that this reinforces the notion that many Englishmen have about Scotland and Glasgow in particular, as it pertains to both sport and politics: that it is populated by slightly sinister, corrupt and small minded people who do anything inside and outside of the law to preserve the feudal order of things be it Rangers and Celtic football or old style thuggish stalinist Labour politics."

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