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The nation’s Cabinet

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Just to flag up an eyecatching poll from PoliticsHome, asking the public to pick the members of their ideal coalition government. Methodology and details here, and the results pasted below.  Two things strike me: i) Alistair Darling once again proves he's popular, which you wouldn't necessarily expect of a Chancellor who has presided over a recession, and ii) Hilary Benn's presence may well show that, so far as Brown's government is concerned, keeping a low profile is a good way to get noticed.  Anyway, here are the final choices:

David Cameron - Prime Minister

Vince Cable - Chancellor of the Exchequer

Nick Clegg - Foreign Secretary

Alistair Darling - Home Secretary

William Hague - Defence Secretary

Chris Huhne - Justice Secretary

Ken Clarke - Business Secretary

Hilary Benn - Children, Schools and Families

Alan Johnson - Health Secretary

You can choose your own ideal coalition Cabinet here, or use the comments section as usual.