Sebastian Payne

The new and improved Spectator magazine online

The new and improved Spectator magazine online
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Your tireless Coffee House baristas have been busy since our last update to Spectator Blogs just over two months ago. This time, we have revamped the cogs behind the magazine side of this website. If we are doing our job properly, the only thing you'll notice is that it's much easier to use. Our archive easier to navigate, authors are a cinch to track down and there's better integration with Google.

But the biggest change is that, to celebrate, we're taking down the paywall for a few weeks. This will mean free access to over 20,000 articles from 540 back issues from the last decade.

For now, we hope you enjoy noodling about on the new magazine website. This week, for example, we have Jeremy Hunt telling James Forsyth why he offers no guarantees on protecting the health budget, @SteveHiltonGuru on how he had Westminster in thrall, And feuds galore: Charles Moore on Disraeli vs MilibandMatthew Parris on Evil vs follyRod Liddle on Jimmy Savile vs Newsnight and James Delingpole on piety vs a free press.

We know that there isn't always a huge overlap between Coffee House and magazine readers. We are keen to change this and hope that free access to the Spectator's revamped magazine website may tempt some of you to have a look at what we certainly believe is the best magazine in the world. Stay tuned for more announcements in this arena shortly.