James Forsyth

The next parliamentary scandal

The next parliamentary scandal
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On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with Sir Ian Kennedy’s judgements on those MPs who have appealed against Sir Thomas Legg’s judgement of how much they should repay. The Commons will also be publishing a record of all lunches, dinners and receptions MPs held for outside groups in the Palace of Westminster in the last five years. This is going to be an intriguing document and one that I suspect could set off another series of scandals. First of all, people will cross check this list against the list of electoral donations and there are sure to be some ‘cash for access’ controversies. There will also be an attempt to suggest that MPs share the views of every group that they have booked a room for.

One other thing this list will tell us is how extensive the positioning on the Labour side for the future leadership contests is. If we find that someone has had nearly every union over for a bite to eat then it will be safe bet that this MP is building up support for a run at being leader of deputy leader.