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The next Speaker: First round results

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Andrew Sparrow, who is running a typically excellent live blog, reports that the forst round results are as follows:

John Bercow 179

George Young 112

Margaret Beckett 74

My gut reaction is that Bercow won't pcik up enough votes in the later rounds to win. But Young beating Beckett for second changes things a bit.

This is the full set of results:

Bercow: 179

Young: 112

Beckett: 74

Haselhurst: 66

Beith: 55

Widdecombe: 44

Dhanda: 26

Shepherd: 15

Cormack: 13

Lord: 9

Shepherd, who would have been my choice because of his commitment to transparency, and everyone below him has been eliminated because they failed to get more than five percent of the vote. (Update: Dhanda also failed to get five percent and so is also eliminated, apologies for not spotting that first time out)

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