Isabel Hardman

The PM knows the TV debates won’t happen

The PM knows the TV debates won't happen
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The broadcasters have now said they could be willing to host a TV debate between David Cameron and Ed Miliband on another date if that means the programmes will actually take place.

Though this shows willing on the part of the broadcasters, who have messed up the debates with proposals that would inevitably end up mired in a row, it does not make them more likely to happen. It would be easy for any of the parties who feel hard done by, particularly the Lib Dems, to apply for an injunction against the head-to-head taking place on the grounds that they will have no chance to respond to any claims made about their party. And the Prime Minister could simply move on from complaining about the dates to arguing that they must be held as a set of three before he agrees to the head to head.

Cameron dismissed Miliband's statement that a date had been set for their TV encounter with a petulant wave of his hand. Though it looked arrogant, it was because the Prime Minister knows he needn't concern himself with such details as dates because the debates are not going to happen.