The PM’s musical tin-ear

The PM’s musical tin-ear
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The news that Hull has been crowned the UK’s City of Culture for 2017 was discussed at PMQs. The PM extolled the virtues of the city, and made special mention of native eighties alt rockers The Housemartins. However, with a crashing sense of inevitability, the band’s founder, Paul Heaton, was unhappy with the endorsement:

‘Well, apparently David Cameron likes ‘London 0 Hull 4’. Which part of the attack on his policies and rich friends did he like best???’ 

The poor wee lamb ranted for a while about Thatcherism, and then concluded: ‘Cameron has ruined my day.’ My heart bleeds.

Still, you would have thought that Cameron might have learned his music lesson by now. Radiohead threatened to sue the Tories for using one of their songs at a campaign event. Paul Weller stropped when Dave said he liked The Jam. The Smith’s guitarist Johnny Marr is not a fan either. The Housemartins are old hat.