The Portsmouth Lib Dems will rise again

The Portsmouth Lib Dems will rise again
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The Liberal Democrats have been going through something of a minor identity crisis as of late, after the party allowed the former Tory MP Phillip Lee to cross the aisle and join their ranks.

Lee's support in the past for checking migrants at the border for HIV, and his abstention on a key vote for same-sex marriage in 2013 has led many in the party to wonder how 'liberal' a Liberal Democrat actually has to be to join the party.

Happily, Mr S is on hand to inform the party that they're perhaps a more 'broad church' than many members realised. Not least down in Portsmouth, where one Lib Dem councillor is so open minded, that he sports two confederate flags as his cover image on his Facebook profile:

Jason Fazackarley has been a Lib Dem member since 2009 when he defected from Labour, and professes also to be a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which may explain the unusual Facebook decorations.

Then again, considering the flag's associations with racism, lynchings and slavery, Mr S isn't quite sure he's quite on brand with the Lib Dems' woolly image...

A Lib Dem press officer declined to comment.

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