James Forsyth

The post-riots landscape

The post-riots landscape
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Back in August, the riots were being talked about as an event that would redefine our politics. But the economic news has been so relentless that the post-riots issues have received minimal coverage. This, though, doesn’t make them any less important.

This week, we’re seeing two strands of the government’s response. First, Louise Casey starts work at the DCLG on dealing with the 100,000 problem families that the government has identified. Second, the May and IDS report on gangs comes out. So far what’s been trailed from the report is the proposal to create a new offence of intent to supply fire-arms. But what’ll be most interesting is to see if it pushes the idea, that IDS is keen on, of trying to bring minor gang members back on to the straight and narrow via intensive mentoring.