Daniel Korski

The pressing need to oust Gaddafi

The pressing need to oust Gaddafi
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The op-ed by David Cameron and his Qatari counterpart Hamed Bin Jassem in the run-up to the London conference received very little play in the UK media. That's a shame because it set out, anew, the reasons for the Libyan intervention, which are already at risk of being lost in the debate about ways, means and exits.

'Yesterday, reports reached us of fresh attacks on the people of Misurata. Snipers are gunning people down in the street. Food, water and electricity supplies have been cut off. Ghaddafi and his regime are continuing to carry out acts of appalling brutality and cruelty, in clear and flagrant breach of the UN Resolution. That is why we must continue to implement those Resolutions for as long as they are necessary to protect the Libyan people from danger.'

It is important to bear this in mind. The killings and terror are going on even now and will continue for as long as Colonel Ghaddafi remains in power.