Rod Liddle

The rise of the pensioned-off apparatchik

The rise of the pensioned-off apparatchik
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Has anyone else had enough of John McTernan, appearing on a political discussion programme near you at this very moment? McTernan was Tony Blair’s political organiser, a backroom monkey who, since May this year has decided we should all be able to benefit from his incalculable wisdom. Thin eyed and smug he has been wrong in almost everything he has said so far; wrong about the Labour leadership, the shadow cabinet and indeed the coalition. He is currently being terribly loyal to Ed Miliband having earlier been slighting and patronising.

They never tell you the truth, as they see it, these pensioned-off apparatchiks. They tell you instead what a particular swathe of opinion cares to believe. Next time glorified secretary is on Newsnight, or Question Time, or This Week, lean out of your window and bellow that you’ve had enough and you will not take it any more.