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The Spectator podcast: Planet Trump

The Spectator podcast: Planet Trump
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With Donald Trump's shock victory in the US election dominating headlines this week, the Spectator podcast takes an opportunity to reflect on what the New York real estate magnate's victory means for America, Britain and the rest of the world.

Fraser Nelson is joined from Washington DC by the Spectator's Deputy Editor Freddy Gray, and Christopher Caldwell, senior editor at The Weekly Standard. This week's magazine draws a line in the sand between Trump's victory and the Leave campaign's triumph, saying that, unlike with Mr Trump, Vote Leave 'was led by people who were liberal, globally minded and optimistic.'

But Freddy Gray tells the podcast that:

"I think we all like to think that Trump isn't Brexit, and that Brexit was a more politically correct and socially acceptable thing than Trump, but I think what you're seeing after Trump's win is that Trumpism might become more acceptable because people have to just accept that it's happened and that's how democracy works."

Christopher Caldwell, meanwhile, tells the podcast that it wasn't just Trump's white, working class base which won him the day:

"I do think that, in theory, if you could turnout the white vote at the same levels that the black vote had turned out for the Democrats, then that is an awful lot of votes. But that is not, in fact, the campaign that Trump pursued, and it's really extraordinary. If you look at this black vote carefully and at Republicans for the last few elections, then Trump probably got that shy part of the vote that didn't say who they voted for. So it may be that Trump got almost twice as much of the black vote as Romney did."

For further discussion of Donald Trump's victory, listen to our Coffee House Shots podcast, recorded in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday, where Fraser Nelson was joined by Freddy Gray and James Forsyth:

And for more of the best analysis of this unfolding political earthquake, try some of the best pieces: Freddy Gray on Donald Trump the 'political mastermind'; Douglas Murray on Trump being not quite as bad as you think; or Alex Massie on the man who believes in 'nothing but himself'.


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