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The Spectator podcast: Review of the year

The Spectator podcast: Review of the year
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After all the ups and downs, wins and losses, celebrations and commiserations, 2016 is finally in its twilight hours. We’ve sat some of the Spectator's top staff and contributors down with a glass of mulled wine to steady their nerves as we ask the big questions: What happened in 2016? And what’s coming in 2017?

First, with an eye fixed firmly back in June, Isabel Hardman was joined by Tim Shipman, political editor of the Sunday Times and author of All Out War, Nick Cohen, and Spectator editor Fraser Nelson to discuss the first political earthquake of the year: Brexit.

Next, we jumped ahead five months (not to mention crossed the Atlantic) for our second 2016 retrospective. If Brexit was the appetiser then the main course was deep-fried Trump. The Spectator’s Deputy Editor and host of our Americano podcast Freddy Gray and Douglas Murray joined the podcast to assess this phenomenon.

And after such a blockbuster year it might be difficult to get excited about the sequel, but, like it or not, 2017 is coming. What do we have to look forward to? What do we have to fear? We tasked the Spectator’s political editor James Forsyth and Peter Oborne of the Daily Mail with answering these impossibly large questions.

And finally, as a special Christmas treat, we asked each of our contributors what was, for them, the moment that best summed-up 2016. You'll have to make it to the end of the podcast to find out what they picked!