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The ‘Stop the War coalition’ is a meeting point for hardline Stalinists and Islamists

The 'Stop the War coalition' is a meeting point for hardline Stalinists and Islamists
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The 'Stop the War coalition' is no such thing. It is a meeting point for hardline Stalinists and Islamists to pursue their own imperial policies. Anyone in any doubt of this need merely consider the organisation's leadership and history. Currently their membership's views on Syria seem to range from those supporting Russian intervention in Syria to those unbothered by it. But they are campaigning against any Western involvement, of course.

It seems that a 'Stop the War coalition' meeting in Parliament last night (chaired by Diane Abbott) managed to pull off the Stalinist trick of discussing Syria while refusing to hear from any Syrians. Indeed the police appear to have been called on some of the Syrians to remove them from the room so that the Stalinists and Islamists could continue to discuss Syria without the encumbrance that the Syrians might continue to prove.

Happily the BBC invited Diane on yesterday alongside a Syrian woman called Muzna. How wonderful it is to hear Muzna speak. And how unsurprising it is that even while Muzna is speaking Diane Abbott does that patronising head-shaking thing of hers, as if poor Muzna could not possibly understand as much as Diane does about Syria.

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