David Blackburn

The Tories’ dirty tactics are dispiriting but effective

The Tories’ dirty tactics are dispiriting but effective
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This death tax levy is gutter politics at its most visceral and it’s thrilling drama. Brown's and Cameron's loathing for each other is pure soap opera, and they’re having a right old slanging match. I agree with Pete, it is dispiriting to see the Tories stoop to misrepresenting policies, the show-stopper in Brown’s repertoire. Together with Cameron’s personal attacks, the Tories have surrendered the high ground, but as Iain Martin notes is anyone really surprised?

The Tories have been expecting, righty, Labour to fight a grubby election campaign and have decided to fight Brown’s mob with fire. Personal attacks appeal largely to those whose minds are settled, so I see little electoral advantage in delivering them. But whilst this latest poster is distasteful it has been effective. The poster’s brutal message forces Brown to give direct answers, a skill he has yet to master and evasion plays badly. Expect the Tories to keep being nasty.