Peter Hoskin

The Tories want you to help unpick the Budget

The Tories want you to help unpick the Budget
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One of the best things about this Brave New Web World is how it helps you to draw upon the talents, knowledge and expertise of people around the world. We certainly had that in mind when we asked CoffeeHousers to help us track down the tricks and deceptions in last year's Budget – and now the Conservatives are thinking along similar lines. Earlier today, David Cameron said that the Tories would "crowd-source" their Budget response tomorrow. Jeremy Hunt has since provided more details here.

This kind of thing ties in neatly with the Tories' powerful transparency agenda. But the real test is whether they would continue this approach in government – either making the Budget itself less of a crude, political exercise, or encouraging a "crowd-sourced" response on, say, the Treasury website. Let's hope so – because the fiscal situation requires a good deal more honesty than Gordon Brown has ever managed.