Peter Hoskin

The trailer for Nick Griffin’s Question Time performance

The trailer for Nick Griffin's Question Time performance
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Is Nick Griffin's interview with the Times a sneak preview of what we can expect from him on Question Time tonight?  I rather suspect so.  His aim in it is not only to project a reasonable front – by glossing over awkward facts (his conviction for inciting racial hatred is described as "Orwellian"), and by making dubious comparisons (he likens the BNP to opposition movements in Zimbabwe) – but also to provoke and rile his political opponents.  The BNP leader sarcastically thanks "the political class and their allies for being so stupid" as to allow his appearance on QT.

But the problem for Griffin is whether he can maintain the charade for the show's entire running length.  Towards the end of his Times interview, there are worrying glimpses into his real mindset.  For example:

"How does he feel about President Obama? 'He is an Afrocentric racist bigot.' He thinks American blacks should have been resettled in Africa 'because the two peoples living side by side would cause problems forever'."

It is this kind of thing which reminds us why the BNP should be opposed.  But, as Frank Field and Nicholas Soames argue in today's Telegraph, it should also remind the major parties why they need to talk more about immigration – lest Griffin's views fill the vacuum.