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The Trials of Guantanamo

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From a WaPo dispatch from the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed:

Mohammed appeared to have equal disdain for the process, but he only briefly mentioned his "torturing" at the hands of U.S. officials, something he acknowledged he was warned not to mention in open court, lest a security official hit a button muting the audio to observers in the courtroom and at a media center nearby. That button was pushed at least a few times on Thursday when detainees appeared to discuss elements of their early captivity in secret facilities or the way they were treated.

Embarrassing, yes? And doesn't this "mute" button give extra credence to KSM's claims, while doing almost nothing to aid the US case? Then again, the truth would almost certainly be as depressing as it would be damaging.

[Hat-tip: Dana Goldstein.]

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