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The View from 22: Obama’s zigzagging path to war and Cameron’s tiff with his MPs

The View from 22: Obama's zigzagging path to war and Cameron's tiff with his MPs
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What is behind Barack Obama's wobbly approach to Syria? In the latest View from 22 podcast, former US State department official Colleen Graffy and the Spectator's Douglas Murray discuss Obama's latest manoeuvres in Washington and whether the American people still have an appetite for going to war with Syria.  What will happen when the issue hits Congress next week?

James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman also discuss how the developing Syria situation has affected the political landscape in Westminster. Are Conservatives feeling disgruntled with their party leadership over the disastrous vote? What can we expect to see from the main parties in the next few weeks before party conference season? Have Labour regained the ground they lost over the summer?

Plus, why is former basketball star Dennis Rodman returning to North Korea, and what the attacks by the Syrian Cyber Army show about the future of cyber warfare.

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The View from 22 — 5 September 2013. Length: 31:42

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