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The View from 22 Podcast: Donald Trump, Cameron’s centre-right secret and the racist Oscars

The View from 22 Podcast: Donald Trump, Cameron's centre-right secret and the racist Oscars
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Donald Trump seems to offer only gloom, insults and arrogance - but America seems to love him for it, says Freddy Gray in this week's issue. Now there are only a few days left before the presidential election process starts, and ‘The Donald’ continues to storm the polls. He probably won’t be president, but it now looks as if he probably will be the Republican nominee — the heir to Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower. It’s a mind-boggling phenomenon. Isabel Hardman joins Freddy Gray and Janet Daley from the Telegraph to discuss the rise of Trump, and whether any of the other candidates have a chance of receiving the nomination.

Meanwhile, all round the world, the centre-right is failing, but David Cameron seems to be sailing against the wind. So what's his secret, asks James Forsyth in his column this week. He joins Isabel to discuss what Cameron has got right compared to other world leaders.

And in the more glamorous world of Hollywood crisis is looming, after the Academy Awards were accused of racism for not nominating enough black actors. In his column this week, Rod Liddle says the Oscars shun all the best stars, regardless of race. He's joined by Telegraph film critic Tim Robey to discuss whether the Academy really does have a racist streak.

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