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The View from 22 — Ukip vs Westminster, Ukip vs the Tories and intervening in Syria

The View from 22 — Ukip vs Westminster, Ukip vs the Tories and intervening in Syria
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Is UKIP a bunch of fringe lunatics, or a party ready to shake the establishment to its core? In this week's Spectator cover feature, James Forsyth examines the Ukip mission and Nigel Farage's plan for dominating the political landscape. On the latest View from 22 podcast, James reports in from South Shields on how Farage is being received on the stump, how the party is coping with growing into a serious force and what to expect in this week's local elections.

Someone who certainly doesn't think they should be ignored is James Delingpole. Having previously written in the magazine of why he is a convert to the Ukip cause, Delingpole extolls how Ukip are going places — despite not being fully formed — and should be followed by conservatives who feel the Conservative party has abandoned them. He also discusses the Nazi photo controversy over his brother Dick Delingpole's candidacy in Worcester.

Douglas Murray also joins to discuss the tense situation in Syria and why it is now too late for a Western intervention. Murray explains why Britain is no longer suited to taking part in such foreign conflicts and whether there was ever a 'good time' to intervene. Plus, Mary Wakefield and Freddy Gray debate whether thank you letters are irrelevant in 2013. Is it rude not to send a formal note or is it a generational gap that can be plugged with a less onerous form of communication?

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The View from 22 — 2 May 2013. Length: 31:31

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