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The week that was | 1 October 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson sees the penny drop at the Labour conference, and is sure that Liam Fox did not leak that infamous letter.

James Forsyth watches Ed Miliband produce the bare minimum, and notes that the IMF has upset Labour’s plans.

Peter Hoskin bids David Miliband au revoir, and says that Ed Miliband’s speech was neither here nor there.

David Blackburn reckons Liam Fox doesn’t have David Cameron’s ear, and believes that Ed Miliband is stuttering for an authentic voice.

Rod Liddle thinks that David Miliband is not dignified, he’s simply self-regarding.

Alex Massie castigates Obama’s hit squad.

And Melanie Phillips condemns the demonization of Israeli settlements.