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The week that was | 10 July 2009

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Matthew d'Ancona reports on a poetic evening at 22 Old Queen Street.

Fraser Nelson reveals why the Tories' Californian strategy should be taken seriously, and marks a welcome rejection of assisted suicide.

James Forsyth notes the waning authority of the Iranian regime, and says that the Tories must be prepared to launch a reverse march through the institututions.

Peter Hoskin tracks the latest in the Andy Coulson story, and wonders whether Nick Clegg is out of love with the Tories.

Lloyd Evans cuts through the jargon.

Daniel Korski observes that there are no Brits in Europe's likely new line-up.

Martin Bright highlights some Iranian solidarity.

Clive Davis reveals one way to save a local newspaper.

Alex Massie gives his take on the funeral of Michael Jackson.

And Melanie Phillips continues her debate with Alan Dershowitz.