The Spectator

The week that was | 13 February 2009

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Fraser Nelson launches the Spectator Inquiry into the causes of the recession, and reveals where British jobs are going.

James Forsyth remembers when Cameron faced down Paxman, and thinks the bankers should learn from Profumo.

Peter Hoskin gives his take on the Geert Wilders controversy, and reports on white collar jobs for white collar workers.

Toby Young reveals the school of his dreams.

Susan Hill writes on praying for patients.

Daniel Korski asks: who knows what Afghans think?

Martin Bright says that Gordon Brown may be preparing to apologise

Clive Davis watches some car crash television.

Alex Massie marks the limits of Presidential power.

Melanie Phillips observes Britain capitulate to terror.

Faith Based gives its take on Charles Darwin.

Trading Floor is all of a Twitter.

And Americano says that Lincoln's words are his memorial.