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The week that was | 15 January 2010

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Fraser Nelson congratulates Ross Kemp for giving both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian debate.

James Forsyth believes that Jon Cruddas may be Labour’s coming man, and scents Labour’s plotters gathering to oppose international jurisdiction.

Peter Hoskin is stunned to hear Ed Balls say the same stuff differently, and praises the Tories sensible re-think of their marriage tax proposal.

David Blackburn watches Alastair Campbell appear before the Chilcot Inquiry, and believes it is immaterial who fronts Labour’s election campaign.

Martin Bright on the Labour revolt against Israel.

Susan Hill rails against edu-cay-shun.

Alex Massie debates a political pizza strategy for Labour.

Rod Liddle bemoans our deepening double standards.

Melanie Phillips ponders Tories, spliffs and the law.

And Cappuccino Culture counts the cost of recession.