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The week that was | 19 June 2009

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Matthew d'Ancona introduces the Spectator's 50 Essential Films, and observes Gordon Brown following a dividing line to oblivion.

Fraser Nelson notes George Osborne's milestone article, and watches Brown do the Time Warp again.

James Forsyth thinks that Margaret Beckett would only just make a better Speaker than John Bercow, and comments on another Balls-up.

Peter Hoskin picks up on a dividing line that's dividing government, and says that Alistair Darling's measured approach will drive Brown mad.

Lloyd Evans reviews PMQs.

Martin Bright says goodbye to the departing Treasury minister, Kitty Ussher.

Clive Davis gives his take on the situation in Iran.

Alex Massie argues that the BNP Has no future, unless the Tories and Labour decide to help them.

And Melanie Phillips highlights another axis of evil.