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The week that was | 23 April 2010

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It’s been a busy week at Spectator Live, where Gaby Hinsliff argues that what’s wrong the TV debates is the visual aspect, and Rory Sutherland thinks that the Lib Dem surge may give the Tories a lasting advantage in Middle England. There is also a selection of videos, polls and additional articles for your delectation.

Here is what made of the second televised debate:

Fraser Nelson says Cameron has pulled the Tories out of the fire.

James Forsyth says an improved Cameron hasn’t burst the Lib Dem bubble.

Peter Hoskin calls it Cameron’s evening.

David Blackburn thinks the camera doesn’t like David Cameron.

And Susan Hill bets that David Cameron won’t be Prime Minister.

And, just in case you missed them, here are some of the other posts made at over the past week:

Fraser Nelson illustrates the true cost of Brown’s recklessness.

James Forsyth sees evidence of the little platoons mobilising.

Peter Hoskin says that Grayling wins the perceptions battle.

David Blackburn believes the Tories must get economical.

Ed Howker anatomises a Lib Dem expenses scandal.

Daniel Korski sees naïveté in Clegg’s foreign policy.

Martin Bright argues that Labour is cheered by the Lib Dem surge.

Rod Liddle questions the IPPR’s report into support for the BNP.

Alex Massie makes a modest conservative case for modest voting reform.

Melanie Phillips wonders if the end of Cameronism is nigh.

And Cappuccino Culture asks if it’s ever right to medicate your children.