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The week that was | 25 June 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week

Fraser Nelson says that Osborne has set us back on the road to recovery, and offers the true meaning of Osborne’s Budget.

James Forsyth warns of further pain in October’s spending review, and observes the unwelcome return of the old politics.

Peter Hoskin reports from the unmissable IFS report, and reveals what Harriet Harman won’t tell you.

David Blackburn believes that the union backing for David Miliband reflects how left wing the former Blair aide has become, and sees politicking in Barack Obama’s approach to the G20.

Rod Liddle is surprised by the public reaction to the Chris Huhne scandal.

Alex Massie wonders what Simon Hughes is playing at.

And Melanie Phillips avers that Jordan is Palestine.