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The week that was | 27 March 2009

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Here are some of the posts made over the past week on

Fraser Nelson wonders whether we've witnessed the beginning of the end, and says that Cameron should learn to love the bankers.

James Forsyth tracks the internet success of Daniel Hannan's attack on Gordon Brown, and says that Brown is hemmed in.

Peter Hoskin wonders how significant Mervyn King's intervention could turn out to be, and claims that the system of MPs' pay and allowances needs an overhaul.

Daniel Korski sets out the three Talibans.

Martin Bright gives his take on the Left and radical Islam.

Clive Davis laments the contestants on The Apprentice.

Alex Massie asks: has Obama already failed?

Melanie Phillips looks into some claims and facts.

And Americano makes the right case for optimism.