James Forsyth

Theresa May takes control

Theresa May takes control
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Theresa May has demonstrated this week that she isn’t interested in being continuity Cameron. Her reshuffle was, as I say in The Sun, a brutal change up from the previous Cabinet and she has shown that she is determined to take on the party of the rich tag in a way that David Cameron never could.

In this reshuffle, May hasn’t bothered to disguise who her friends are and, just as importantly, who are her enemies. She was ‘wintery but courteous’ when she sacked people.

Any Prime Minister who sacks more ministers than the size of her majority is taking a risk. Some of those who she sacked are already thinking about their next move. But others accept it had to be done. . ‘She couldn’t have us Cameroons leaning over her should saying that’s not how we use to do it’, says one victim of the purge.

May has picked the right mission for the Tories, to do everything they can to help families on low incomes. But now comes the hard part, delivering on that message.