James Forsyth

Theresa May tells the country to go about its business normally tomorrow

Theresa May tells the country to go about its business normally tomorrow
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Speaking in Downing Street this evening, Theresa May has urged people to go about their business normally tomorrow. In a statement that struck an appropriately defiant tone, May said that the targeting of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament ‘was no accident’. But that that any attempt to defeat the values of ‘democracy, freedom, human rights, the rule of law’ through ‘violence and terror is doomed to fail’.

Talking of the police officer who died in the attack, and the others who have been injured, she praised the ‘exceptional bravery of our police and security services who risk their lives to keep us safe’.

This is the first terrorist attack that Theresa May has had to deal with as Prime Minister. She waited longer than I think her predecessor would have before talking to the country. But her statement struck the right tone, acknowledging the ideological nature of the attack that had led to Westminster being targeted but urging people to carry on with life as normal tomorrow.

The loss of life in this attack is tragic, and the loss of a policeman is a reminder of the risks they take to keep us safe. But the fact that this terrorist could only drive his car into people before stabbing a police officer is a reminder that, so far, terrorists in this country can’t obtain the weaponry that would allow them to kill dozens of people in minutes.