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They might be spinning that the rebellion is over, but it’s not

They might be spinning that the rebellion is over, but it's not
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Ben Bradshaw has come out of the PLP meeting claiming Brown gave "the speech of a lifetime". What a shame the rest of us never see this fiery, articulate Prime Minister. When he goes out in public he is trapped in the body of a stuttering, gaffe-prone bully.

Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth was also sent out of the meeting at 6.50pm with The Line To Take from No10 - you could almost see him trying to remember his script: "Those people have had their say and they have failed to gain the support of their parliamentary colleagues and they should respect that". Staggering. Brown wants to bill this as the Star Chamber where the rebels staged their great attempt to oust him. Methinks he will have to wait for the party conference for that.

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