James Forsyth

This’ll be worth watching

This’ll be worth watching
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The Daily Telegraph reports today that Cherie Blair will campaign for Gordon Brown at the next election. She told Tim Walker that "I will personally get involved in the electoral campaign".

The idea of Cherie campaigning for Gordon is rather comic. Relations between the two were famously tense. At Tony Blair’s last conference as Labour leader, Cherie was heard to say ‘that’s a lie’ when Brown said how much of a privilege he had found it to work with Tony. As Tony Blair quipped in his speech, he never had to worry about Cherie “running off with the bloke next door”.

Personally, I’m intrigued by how much campaigning the other Blair will do. One Tory told me that he’s convinced that the biggest bounce Labour will get during the campaign is from Blair returning to stump for the party.