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This Post Will Self-Destruct

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Sometime today or sometime tomorrow Barack Obama will put a grateful planet out of its misery and let us know the identity of his running-mate. After Bayh and Kaine surges, the punditocracy is embracing Joe Biden today. And I'd say Obama could do a lot worse.

But, working on the time-honoured premise that losing betting slips are discarded and soon forgotten, while winning tickets are framed and presented as evidence of an uncanny perspicacity, let me take a punt and back a long-shot contender to sneak up and emerge the winner of the 2008 Veepstakes...

Montana governor Brian Schweitzer.

Unlikely? Perhaps. But there's no great pundit penalty for being wrong about the Veepstakes...

Obviously this post will be deleted as soon as Obama picks someone else...

UPDATE: It's a Schweitzer bandwagon! Time's Jay Newton-Small hops aboard.

SATURDAY UPDATE: So much for that, it's Joe Biden. A good pick, though also a traditional one in that Biden balances some of Obama's perceived weaknesses (blue-collar white men, catholics also, of course, foreign policy inexperience) rather than reinforcing the message of "change we can believe in". More importantly, obviously, Biden is always good for providing good copy.

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